2018 Barkman Customer Education Day

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On March 15th, 2018 we went out to Steinbach, MB to check out some of the new products Barkman and their partners had in store for the 2018 season. It did not disappoint and was very exciting to see promising pavers, retaining walls, sand products among other things that we have the opportunity to install this year.

Pavers with Purpose

Barkman showed off their face mix technology this year, in the picture above it is a 5 mm mix that is on top of their 60 mm Broadway paver series. This instance of this technology is called “Perfetto Granite” and we think it is going to be popular. We had a sneak peek of it at Barkman’s Winnipeg office prior to Customer Education Day and were just as excited to see it.

pavers winnipeg

The Broadway 60 mm paver series is versatile and contemporary. It can be used in a number of settings and fashions. Whether it is a patio, walkway etc. this paver does it all. So, when we arrived at Barkman and saw the different colours that were offered it was awesome to see.

New Product! The Keystone Compac III – Hewnstone

Keystone Compac III Hewnstone

Barkman premiered a new product that will be added to the their retaining wall line called the Keystone Compac III – Hewnstone. Keystone was on hand to present the new addition, go over installation procedures and show off the technology behind the units. It is a retaining wall unit that has a natural face element that was derived from existing natural stone retaining walls. There are 6 unique faces in the design that act to recreate a stone texture.

Intelligent Polymeric Sand from Polybind


Some of the best news of the day for landscapers came from the people at Polybind. At Silver Stone, we use polymeric sand for joints in our paver installations and the technology in this new sand is a game changer. The new composition of the sand is dust and haze free and only needs one watering as compared to two. It also allows for water to completely penetrate the joint as opposed to past products. The new polymeric sand is referred to as “G2” and we cannot wait to try it out! Take a looks at the colors offered below as well.

polybind G2 sand colours

Pizza Anyone?


Last, but not least, Barkman showed off their new compact pizza oven unit. For clients with smaller yards that cannot fit the original unit this is great news. The kit comes with the quarry stone and counter top, but if you do not need those things and just want the pizza oven itself that can be arranged too! It is a great addition to the outdoor living items that Barkman has in their line up.

Landscaping Season Cannot Come Fast Enough

Overall, it was another great Barkman Education Day. We got to see some great new product offerings, and learn some new things. Mostly, these events get us excited for the upcoming landscaping season each year. We look forward to establishing new relationships with clients in 2018 and maybe some of these featured products will make their way into some landscapes!

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